» Exercises : Strength


Lay face down on the floor with your hands flat and arms extended shoulder width apart, your knees and feet resting on the floor, body in one straight line from head to knees.
Stand with your feet hip width apart, approximately 2ft from the wall. Keep your arms at shoulder height and hands flat against the wall.
Lay down with your shoulders at 90° out to the side. Bend your elbows between 90-100°, with a weight in each hand. Push the arms forwards towards the ceiling and slightly toward the midline, ...more
Sit with your head and back erect and your right arm at your side. Bend your elbow between 20°-90°, with a weight in your hand. Raise the arm out to the side, keeping the bend in the elbow. ...more
Sit with your neck and back in a neutral position and your right arm out to the side. Keep your elbow and shoulder bent to 90° with a weight in your hand. Push your arm overhead and slightly tow ...more
Stand tall with your arms out to the side, slightly away from your body. Pull your shoulders up towards your ears as if trying to pull your arms into the shoulder sockets. Don’t let your head ...more