» Exercises : Range of motion


Stand facing a table top. With your left hand on the table for support, bend forward until your right arm is hanging down and you feel a stretch gentle stretch at the shoulder.
With your arm at your side, bend your elbow to 90°, and pull your arm behind you leading with the elbow. Feel the stretch in the front of the shoulder. Hold and repeat as advised by a Physical Th ...more
Hold a broom handle in front of you with both hands with your right hand at the end of the handle and thumb facing up towards the ceiling.Bend your elbows to 90° with your right elbow contacting t ...more
Reach your right arm behind your back until you feel a stretch in the front of the right shoulder. Keep the shoulder in a neutral position and do not let the shoulder drop down away from your ear.
This exercise can be done sitting or standing sideways to a table or surface.
This exercise can be done in a lying or sitting position.
Lay on your back with a broom handle in both hands. Use your left hand to assist the right arm as you raise the broom handle over your head. Reach overhead until you feel a stretch, then hold. Hold ...more