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Patients with osteoporosis are prone to compression fractures in the vertebrae (spinal bones). The front of a vertebra cracks under pressure, causing it to collapse in height. More than 700,000 such f ...more
Physical Therapy in East Brunswick for Osteoporosis This article will provide Endurance Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, PC patients with infromation about what osteoporosis is, the risk factors, ...more
Endurance Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, PC came across this article that outlines treatment options for those with osteoporosis, and how assistance from a Physical Therapist can make your home a ...more
Just about the time a surgical procedure becomes fairly standard and accepted as an effective treatment approach to a problem, someone steps in and takes a look back to see if, indeed, all is well. In ...more
Fractures (especially hip fractures) from osteoporosis (brittle bones) are on the rise worldwide. In fact, hip fractures are expected to increase by 200 to 300 percent in men and women around the worl ...more